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Design Lamps Creation Process

LEDbyLED is Italian company that designs and manufactures craft Design Lamps. The whole process can not ignore the careful selection of materials, a solid production process and a painstakingly design .

The creation process uses 3D printing for modelling bodies lighting… and so, the different elements are assembled according to an unique and inimitable concept, giving rise to the original lamps, efficient and environmentally friendly. LEDbyLED company is 100% Made in Italy.

So we shape the light, and we let the light to guide us through the process, step by step:

LEDbyLED ensures 100% of functionality, able to donate a new light to your home. In this page we introduce a short video preview with the purpose to understand just a little step about the 3D printing. Looking at pictures of individual products in the shop, you can see the detail of the refinement and aesthetic taste adopted for each lamp.

LEDbyLED realizes custom Design lamps, based on project or ideas provided by customers. Contact us for more information or visit our Shop.

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