Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ

Frequent questions

Some of the questions we have placed our customers …

No! Each lamp is crafted exclusively by hand according to the Italian artisan tradition, starting from raw or semi-finished materials, making each piece unique and exclusive.

Absolutely yes! After purchasing our staff we are available for any type of technical assistance and information.

Yes, any lamp made by us, can be edited and then customized according to specific customer requirements.

Since our production is strictly handmade, we do not have products in stock, and then each lamp is produced every time we receive a purchase order.

Yes, every piece is unique. The Gea model has the peculiarity that in turn varies the wood used and the composition comes to life mainly by the imagination and the emotions of the craftsman.

Any indoor environment can accommodate our products, regardless of the housing volume, as in our production we use only natural substances without toxic or harmful substances.

Absolutely! Our products have a warranty of 24 months valid for all continents.

Of course! All components of our lamps are manufactured and assembled in Italy.

If you have a specific technical assistance and any questions regarding the production, our lamps Design, you can contact us using the contact form.