Exclusive Design Lamps... 100% Made in Itay

Design, Elegance and Quality! A new concept of eco-sustainable lighting…

In LEDbyLED we believe that good design can “enlighten” people’s life.

It is for this reason that we dedicate ourselves with passion to the study and implementation of Design LED lamps to modern, efficient, durable and environmentally sustainable.

We believe that the light is synonymous with wellness, life .. and that’s why we design the best compromise between aesthetics and usability of the lamps.

In LEDbyLED we believe in a brighter future Green, where you can live in harmony with nature and at the same time get benefits from a very low environmental impact technology.

LEDbyLED company makes design led lamps.. 100% made in Italy.

So we shape the light, and let the light to guide us through the process, step by step:
  • Step by Step
  • Led by Led

ECO Friendly
Made in ITALY

We respect Nature

Our lamps are designed and built with sustainable materials, improving the harmony between your home and nature. We use eco-friendly materials in accordance with a sustainable architecture philosophy.

Design and Efficiency

Our lamps give charm to your rooms thanks to a modern and ergonomic design. All embodiments provide high efficiency in terms of brightness produced and energetic saving.

Made in Italy

Our lamps are designed and manufactured in Italy. Materials, technologies and design elements are the result of careful technical studies; in our products we insert all the creativity of a true artisan product made in Italy.

Visit the SHOP section of our web site and discover our lamps Design Made in Italy.

Our handcrafted lamps are an exclusive and quality product aimed at people who want for your home and for your workplace a lighting solution that combines functionality, efficiency and design, without compromise.

LEDbyLED offers the finest fruit of craftsmanship combined with the most innovative products in the field of lighting technology. We produce Design table lamps and floor design lamps customized according to your decorative taste or need.

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